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Yoga School Faculty and Requirements

Trainers are Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT's) who are indicated on the syllabus as teaching contact hours in a Registered Yoga School (RYS) teacher training track.

Lead Trainer(s) are Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers (E-RYT's) at the corresponding level (or higher) of a RYS teacher training track who are indicated on a syllabus as teaching Contact Hours with a Lead Trainer in a RYS teacher training track. Lead Trainers must teach a minimum number of Contact Hours for each designation. Lead Trainers must be actively registered in order for a school to register and/or renew a teacher training track they are assigned to.

Lead Trainer Requirements per Designation
Lead Trainer Designation
Max. Number of Lead Trainers per Track*
Hours Required to be Taught by Lead Trainer
RYS 200
E-RYT 200 or E-RYT 500
RYS 300
E-RYT 500
RYS 500
E-RYT 500
Registered Children's Yoga School (RCYS)
Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT)
Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS)
Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT)
* Maximum number of Lead Trainers: When a school registers a new track, they must designate the Lead Trainers associated with it. Registered Yoga Schools that have more than the maximum allowed Lead Trainers for their teacher training track may be granted an exception if they are able to demonstrate that all Lead Trainers maintain consistency in the delivery of the track's syllabus. Schools desiring this exception will have the option to apply for it in the application.

Other Faculty: Other Faculty are non-RYTs who are eligible to teach Contact Hours in a RYS Teacher Training Track. They must have a relevant degree, certification or substantial education in the subject that he or she will teach, which must be related to a Yoga Alliance Educational Category, plus a minimum of 500 hours of teaching experience in that subject and/or the equivalent of two years of relevant experience in that subject area. A RYS Owner or Syllabus manager must submit documentation of and attest to the relevant education, qualifications and experience of all Other Faculty who teach in their training.

Owners: Owners are the legal owners and/or legal representatives of a school applying to the Yoga Alliance Registry. RYS Owners can assign their staff roles in their online account to assist with administration of their school.

Contact Hours must take place in the physical presence of a RYS faculty member. Content of contact hours must be intended for teacher trainees rather than the general public, specifically:
* The content of these hours advances the education of trainees as demonstrated explicitly through the course syllabus and its Learning Objectives.
* These hours fall into the normal content flow of the overall training entailing discussion, reports submitted by trainees on their experiences, related homework, projects, or the like.
* Faculty for these hours meet Yoga Alliance’s faculty qualifications and are designated in the syllabus as training faculty.

Non-Contact Hours are the number of hours of learning that occur without a RYS faculty member present. All Non-Contact Hours must be relevant to the five Educational Categories. These outside resources should be thoughtfully chosen to support the training. Non-Contact Hours must be an assigned part of the curriculum and may include:
* Reading, audio/video or internet resources that are integrated into the curriculum via reports, class discussions, presentations, tests, etc.
* Webinars on yoga-related topics.
* Written assignments on yoga-related topics - may be counted for all categories except Practicum.
* Group activities including directed discussion, techniques practice or teaching practice.
* Attending yoga classes outside of the program, with the following stipulations:
1. Each class must be evaluated via a written or oral exercise, and
2. These hours may count toward the Techniques, Training and Practice, Teaching Methodology or Practicum categories.

Examples of Unallowable Non-Contact Hours include:
* Personal private practice.
* Attending classes intended for the general public without entailing discussion, reports submitted by trainees on their experiences, related homework, projects, or the like.

Last Updated: May 2015
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